10 Best Duplicate Photo Finder & Remover For Mac 2021

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Long time Mac users have one problem in common, that is duplicates files in the system that not only clutters the precious space but also colonize it unnecessarily. The situation is most common amongst the photographers and those people who love to keep memories intact in the system. If these photos are not sorted now or kept in an organized manner, there could take up your precious system space. And you don’t want that to happen, right? Now the question comes how should I delete photos from Mac and which is the best duplicate photo finder for Mac. Keep scrolling, and you will find your answer regarding duplicate photo finder for Mac soon.

Before we move ahead and learn about best photo duplicate finder for Mac, let’s clear the concept of duplicate photos about why they are created, how they interrupt in the workflow and how to clean duplicate photos.

How Are Duplicate Photos Created?

No one creates duplicate photos in their Mac unless needed, yet they show up in the system. How? Well, they could be because of:

These are the most popular ways photos are duplicated, and the need for duplicate photo cleaner tools rises. You need duplicate image finders and we have got you covered.

How To Remove Duplicate Photos From Mac?

Although you can go for the manual method to remove duplicate photos, it is always recommended to use one of the best duplicate photos finders for Mac to save time, energy and precious space instantly.

Manual Method: In the case of manual method to remove duplicate photos on Mac:

Step 1: You can open Finder > go to Apple menu from the top bar > select File > New Smart Folder.
Step 2: Click ‘+’ icon from the top right corner > select Kind > Any (Images). As the images are detected, you can pull them down in the Trash.

However, this method still may leave the traces of duplicate photos on the Mac, especially if they are available in different file formats, and there are similarities between the pictures. It is best to go on an excellent duplicate photo finder for Mac and get rid of unnecessary duplicates in a quick snap.

Top 10 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner for Mac

1. Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

USP: Overall best duplicate photo cleaner tool

marked trash

One of the best duplicate pictures cleaner, this product is well-trusted and easy to use. It allows you to add individual photos, photos library or even a folder. It not only provides the result for duplicates but similar files (for example, clicking in burst mode, slightly photoshopped, identical with less than 100 meters, etc.)

Once you select the folder/photos, you can customize the search results as per your requirements. You are free to slide the bar for Matching Level, Bitmap Size, Time Interval in which the pictures were clicked and GPS to change the geolocation. All this in one tool merely is ecstatic. Scan for the duplicates and similar photos and get the results displayed in a very organized fashion to avoid any confusion. Get this duplicate photo finder for Mac today!


  • Finds duplicate as well as similar photos to save Mac’s space.
  • Self-navigating interface
  • Results are displayed in a group-wise manner.


  • Free trial is not available.

Get Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

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2. Gemini 2

USP: Cleans other duplicate files along with duplicate photos

Gemini 2

Download Now

Many Mac users choose Gemini 2 as smart duplicate photos cleaner. This laser-accurate tool helps in recovering a lot of space in the system when you add a folder or tons of images for the process. While scanning is done at lightning speed, all duplicate and similar photos are displayed on the screen in a few moments.

They say “Your photos matter, their copies don’t”, and it stands true when Gemini 2 is installed as one of the best duplicate photo finders for Mac. Gemini 2 is simple with a smart and robust algorithm, and this is why it is an excellent choice for many users.


  • Compatible interface for newbies as well as experienced users.
  • Image similarity detection
  • Cleans duplicates from an external drive


  • Consumed more system resources as compared to others.

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3. Easy Duplicate Finder

USP: Capable of removing duplicates from cloud

Easy Duplicate Finder

Download Now

Starting with a very simple and clean interface, these duplicate pictures cleaner can be comfortably used by newbie’s and experts alike. The backup of powerful technology allows you to search for any kind of duplicates from in or outside the system, be it HDD, SSD or Cloud. Interestingly, it works multi-platform like Windows and Mac and applies to emails, videos, music, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

If you talk about image formats, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF are all supported. Once scanned, you have a plethora of options to sort the files. Advanced filters could be applied to find the duplicate photos with this best duplicate photo finder for Mac.


  • Cleans duplicate pictures, videos and music.
  • More than 10 scan modes for file management
  • Can find duplicates from iPhotos and Photos


  • Quite slow and expensive when compared with others.

4. Cisdem Duplicate Finder +

USP: Crystal clear representation with charts

Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Download Now

If you wonder why this tool is one of the best duplicate photos finders for Mac, you should know that it helps in finding ‘real’ search results were not just the file names are compared but also the content within so that accuracy is maintained. Apart from finding duplicate photos in the library, it also scans all the internal and external hard drives.

It is wonderful to know that scanning speed is faster when compared to other tools, and all the scanning results are displayed in real-time. When all the duplicates are mentioned in chart format, it becomes easier for user to understand which photos are taking so much space in the Mac.


  • Very easy to use interface that entices the users
  • Shows results for image similarity
  • Fast scanning saves time


  • One cannot exclude a folder from scanning.

5. Duplicate File Finder Remover

USP: Preview, compare and merge duplicates

Duplicate File Finder Remover

Download Now

This duplicate photo finder for Mac by Nektony has a fast scanning algorithm that makes it stand out in the list. It can easily find duplicates in multiple folders and drivers simultaneously and even supports external drives. When the results are displayed after the scanning, they can be searched by file type, file list and even viewed in the form of chart reporting.

Its Free version has options to view all the duplicate photos in the Mac, get a visual report, check the cleanup hints, and even delete the duplicate files in the Trash. When the Pro version is being discussed, this duplicate photo remover mac software offers to remove similar photos, merge folders and even restore the removed duplicates. 


  • Easy customization options to remove duplicate photos on Mac
  • Gives you an option to preview the files.
  • Lively and navigable interface


  • Advanced features can be used only after payment.

6. PhotoSweeper X

USP: Cleans duplicate videos and photos

PhotoSweeper X

Download Now

How would you like to have a duplicate pictures cleaner that can sort the gallery and even auto-lock the sorted pictures? Interesting, right? PhotoSweeper X is indeed a fantastic duplicate photo finder for Mac that deletes duplicates and similar photos while also analyzing iPhoto.

Once the photos are scanned and displayed, you can bulk rename the files when moving to some other folder. As the personal customization options are vast, viewing of photos could be made according to ‘One by One’, ‘Face to Face’ and ‘All in One’. The removal of photos is also pretty safe as they can be restored from the Trash unless you have emptied the Trash all over.


  • Supports a wide range of formats, including RAW, HEIC, PDF, DNG, etc.
  • Flexible and multiple settings
  • This duplicate photo finder for Mac cleans duplicate photos and videos from an external drive


  • There have been reports of constant crashes.

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7. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

USP: Simple to use for Newbies as well as Professionals

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Download Now

One would love to have this amazing duplicate photo remover for mac tool in their Mac, which by the way also supports Windows, for its image similarity finding function. The image comparison algorithm is super smart with special scan mode, flexible settings and much more options that it offers to its users.

In fact, professional photographers and other professionals alike keep trying their hands on this duplicate cleaner tool for their help and get the whole gallery sorted.


  • Smart multi-platform utility and known as best duplicate file finder
  • Organises the pictures in different albums
  • Easy to use interface


  • Very less advanced features when compared.

8. Disk Drill

USP: Add multiple locations and folders at a time

Disk Drill

Download Now

This duplicate photo finder for Mac is easy to install and understand to find duplicate photos and other files as may need to be removed. For your ease, you can quickly search the files with filters that mention ‘Auto’, ‘Old’ or ‘Newest’ files. If you select the ‘Oldest’ option here, all the oldest duplicates will be removed, and new ones will be kept intact.

Probably called the best free duplicate photo cleaner because of the free trial version that doesn’t ask you to invest first handedly and saves an optimum amount of space quickly.


  • This Mac duplicate photo finder is easy to use.
  • Finds duplicate images, files, documents, videos and songs
  • Gives you option for manual or automatic cleaning


  • Functionality is a little complicated.

9. DupeGuru

USP: Highly customizable according to the needs of the user


Download Now

If you are not looking for many advanced features but a simple duplicate photo finder for Mac that can find and delete duplicates, this tool is meant for you. You can place filters before scanning and later select any of the modes from three categories. As the scanning takes place, the real-time result is displayed alongside this free duplicate finder.

As the results are displayed, you just need to tick mark and delete them. Bravo! All the duplicates are landed in the Trash, and space is saved once again. A very simple and best duplicate photo cleaner it is!


  • Free to use and known as best free duplicate photo cleaner
  • Supports a plethora of file formats
  • Multi-lingual support


  • Doesn’t allow previewing of files.

10. Easy Photos Cleaner Pro

Easy Photos Cleaner Pro

Download Now

With easy drag and drop functionality, this photo cleaner is known for finding duplicates as well as similar images within a matter of time. The search is quite effortless as the duplicates are searched automatically. Once detected, you can easily preview them and decide if the pictures need to be deleted or not.

If you go for its free trial, you can delete only 15 duplicates and hence recommend trying the upgraded version. Moreover, it’s absolutely lightweight in nature which doesn’t consume a lot of resources of your system.


  • Get additional disk space back into your system with this tool.
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of Mac
  • Highly customizable


  • Deleted duplicates cannot be recovered back.

FAQs: Duplicate Photo Finders For Mac

1. Can Mac Photos find duplicates?

As Mac doesn’t hold a particular in-built feature to find duplicates, one needs to go through a manual method for finding and removing duplicates. The method needs you to open Finder > go to Apple menu from the top bar > select File > New Smart Folder. Now click the ‘+’ icon from the top right corner > select Kind > Any (Images). As the images are detected, you can pull them down in the Trash.

2. How do I quickly delete duplicate photos on my Mac?

Using any of the best duplicate photo finders for Mac like Duplicate Photo Finder  or Gemini 2, you can quickly delete duplicate photos on your Mac.

3. Why do I need a duplicate photo finder for Mac?

Duplicate photos clutter your system while covering a lot of precious space within it. It is highly recommended that you clean the system using a good photo duplicate finder for mac that also helps in optimizing the working space.

4. What is the best duplicate photo finder for macOS?

The best duplicate photo finder could be termed as a tool which can speedily scan the system, find the duplicates and remove them very quickly. This duplicate photo finder must have various options to filter and customize it accordingly.

5. Why do I have so many duplicate photos on my Mac?

As you copy files from one location to another and forget to delete the originals, you can create duplicate photos on your Mac. Similarly, when the same photo is downloaded more than one time in the system, duplicates are automatically created.


When we talk about the best duplicate photo finder on Mac, we liked Duplicate Photo Finder Pro  because of high customization, accuracy and finding of similar photos in an effortless way. Which app that deletes duplicate photos is liked by you the most? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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