9 Best Duplicate File Finders For Mac 2021

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Duplicate files can cause a significant nuisance once their pile starts cluttering up your Mac drive and keeps on nagging you about the “storage almost full” pop-up. The duplicates hide in multiple folders, mostly in the form of large media files and also document files that are downloaded from mails and cloud time and again. And these duplicate files are nothing but burdening stress on your Mac. The question arise  – How to delete duplicate files on Mac.

When your Mac nags you about your storage is almost full, then you need to first look for sending unwanted files of comparatively larger sizes up to the quarantine. And duplicates are the first in lines of unwanted clutter on your Mac drive. So, you have a fair shot at unburdening your Mac drive by removing duplicate files on Mac. But then, these duplicates are kept hidden in folders that even users themselves are unaware of. Hence, it’s always better to make use of a duplicate file finder for Mac to easily retrieve, list out, and then ultimately shred unwanted duplicate clutter of your Mac drive.

Check out our list of 10 best duplicate file finders for Mac that can help you delete duplicate files from your Mac machine and get your lost storage space back:

Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac 2021

1. Duplicate Files Fixer

duplicate files fixer for mac cleaner

Now this one’s a dedicated and most renowned duplicate file finder for Mac and is highly reliable in fixing your Mac and getting rid of duplicates. Just like Disk Clean Pro, Duplicate Files Fixer runs on a “scan and delete” system, where the tool would perform a deep scan of your Mac and root out duplicate documents and media files.

This Macintosh duplicate finder recognizes the duplicates based on the similarities in the name, as well as in that of the thumbnail of the pic. Once all the duplicates are listed out, you just need to mark and then delete them, which could be done in a span of a click.


  • Intuitive and modern dashboard
  • Suitable for novice as well as experienced users


  • Only scanning is provided with trial version

2. Disk Clean Pro

disk clean pro for junk cleaning

Disk Clean Pro is another tool that is more than just a duplicate file finder for Mac. The tool, besides being used to find duplicate files on Mac, is an optimal Mac cleaner that also removes junk and temporary logs from your Mac drive along with other redundant data to clear up space. Besides these junk files, the tool is also capable of removing files resulting from incomplete downloads and leftover configuration files from any application, you may have recently uninstalled off your Mac.

As the name suggests, the core competency of Disk Clean Pro is that it helps you retrieve considerable space on your Mac drive by removing duplicate files, and hence, keep the machine in such a state that it delivers high performance with the faster response time.


  • Provides one click cleaning support
  • Values space in your system and optimizes it fully.


  • Trial version provides only scanning

Download Disk Clean Pro

3. Duplicate File Finder Remover

duplicate file finder remover tool

While it works on a similar “scan & delete” algorithm, Duplicate File Finder Remover is better at offering you the scan result’s overview. There are always duplicates which users may want to keep, and that’s why this tool lists all the duplicates by their file types, making it easier to determine which the important ones are and which can be quarantined.

This duplicate file finder for Mac also allows users to auto-select and delete duplicates (which is customizable), as well as to reverse the select process automatically. While its a free duplicate finder for Mac, there is a Pro version to the app which has its own recycle bin, thus allowing you to restore any duplicates in the future.


  • Very simple to use and easy to navigate
  • Fast searching scan engine


  • Merging of files takes too long.

Download Duplicate File Finder

4. Gemini 2

gemini2 for duplicate file finder

Available in twelve different languages, Gemini 2 is one of the best Mac duplicate file finders, best known for its smart selection feature. The application scans your Mac for potential duplicates and then the smart selection feature auto-mark the ones you won’t need. The smart selection is pretty specific in marking files for duplicates and removing duplicate files on Mac.

For instance, Gemini 2 marks only those pics as unwanted which have been rotated and saved differently or which have similar additional filters and effects. This Macintosh duplicate file finder also works for finding duplicate music files you must have stored in iTunes. This way, you can get rid of all types of media files that is, pictures and videos, as well as music.


  • Provides money refund policy and offers free trials.
  • Supports many languages for a wide user base.


  • Macs can freeze down during scanning process

Download Gemini 2

5. Disk Drill

disk drill for mac cleaning

Via Disk Drill’s duplicate files finder for Mac, you can either scan for potential duplicates, or just drag and drop folders to activate folder scans, thus. Using Disk Drill Mac duplicate finder, the duplicates can be removed based on the time of their creation as decided by the user. The user can either have them deleted via auto-selection or can choose to delete the ones recently created. Besides, the third removal method would start deleting duplicates from the oldest ones to the newest ones.

Disk Drill is a versatile and efficient Macintosh duplicate file finder and is known for its easy navigation and comprehensible user interface and design.


  • Allows you to search files by name
  • Previewing of files before deleting them is available


  • Free version allows you to free 500MB of disk space.

6. Duplicate Detective

duplicate detective for duplicate file remover

One of the most comprehensive duplicate file finders on Mac, this tool is known for its easier navigation through the scanning process and intuitive interface. Duplicate Detective scans and remove duplicate files on Mac for all folders including system archives. The Duplicate Detective Mac duplicate finder also has extended support to scan any external drive connected when the tool is activated.

The tool also acts as a duplicate photo finder on Mac as it scans the Photos library on Mac to look for potential duplicate pictures. The results of duplicates can be arranged either by the files’ name, size or type, which accounts for easier selection/deselection for the further deleting files permanently or to move duplicates to trash.


  • The interface is highly customizable according to the users.
  • Detects duplicates of all types


  • No other cleaning features that its competitors provide

7. Dupe Guru For Mac

dupe guru for mac

Due to a very basic and minimal procedure of scanning duplicates, dupe Guru just takes up 4.5MB of space for installation, making it the most lightweight tool to delete duplicate files on Mac. This duplicate file finder for Mac scans either entire folders or targets files of a particular type, depending on the choice of the users. The scan results bifurcate the original and the duplicates just like it has been deducted in the pic above.

After that, you can either select all at once or go through the Mark All button for deleting files permanently. With dupe Guru, you, unfortunately, cannot preview a file before deletion but can open it in a new window. But that you have to do one-by-one for each file.


  • Freeware and one doesn’t need to buy a license for it.
  • Various file types are supported


  • Usually crashes during entire scanning scanning

8. Easy Duplicate Finder

easy duplicate finder for mac

Easy Duplicate Finder is one of the most intuitive tools to navigate when it comes to Macintosh duplicate file finders. The Mac duplicate finder tool scans and deletes duplicates in three simple steps:

Step 1: Run Deep Scan

Step 2: Mark the duplicates.

Step 3: Delete All.

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac runs scans for duplicates and look beyond name and extensions to give exact results. It also bifurcates these duplicates into categories such as Archives, Images, Videos, and Music. A user can delete all of them one-by-one or in one go. Easy Duplicate Finder also offers an Undo feature after removing duplicate files on Mac, which allows users to restore deleted duplicates within that same session.


  • Not only it detects files with names and date but also checks the algorithm behind.
  • ‘Undo’ for emergency recovery


  • Old fashioned interface

9. MacClean 3

macclean tool

MacClean is another Mac optimizer tool, which is also a duplicate file finder for Mac. The duplicate file finder tool for MacClean works on drag and drop algorithm to scan selected folders for duplicates. The duplicates scanned by MacClean can be previewed before deleting, and the user can then choose to either delete it or leave it as it is in case it’s of any use.

The search results can be further narrowed down by filtering them according to file size, file name, and file type for an easier mark and delete process. This result overview helps in easily identifying large image files and thus making MacClean 3 a Mac duplicate photo finder.


  • Provides basic and advanced cleaning features in one single place.
  • Additional malware and security benefits


  • Scanning may take longer than its competitors.

FAQs: Duplicate File Finders For Mac

1. What is the best duplicate file finder for Mac?

Disk Clean Pro, given its other Mac optimization capabilities rather than just being a duplicate file finder for Mac, definitely gives it a primary holding position in our list. However, if you wish for a dedicated duplicate file finder tool for Mac, then go for Duplicate Files Fixer.

2. How do I find and delete duplicate files on my Mac?

The manual search for duplicates on Mac would leave you with hours of search without filtration among file types. But with Disk Clean Pro’s Duplicate Finder module, you can scan, mark, and delete duplicates on Mac without much hassle.

3. How do I find duplicate files in a folder?

In the case of Disk Clean Prore, you can click on the Change Path option at the right bottom within the app. Select the folder of your choice and scan for duplicates. Similarly, Duplicate Files Fixer allows users to drag and drop a folder if they wish to scan a specific folder.

4. Should I delete duplicate files?

Duplicate files are of no use. They just clutter up your Mac drive and leave no space for new installations, thus slowing down your Mac. Thus, it’s always better to delete them from your Mac.

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