Top 8 Best Photo EXIF Editor for Mac In 2021

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Edit and remove EXIF data on Mac with Photos EXIF Editor

Selfies, photos, and videos have become an integral part of our life. We want to capture every moment of our life, be it travel, party, food, a new dress, or anything else. Not only this, we even like posting these pictures on social media. But do you know these pictures are disclosing a lot of your personal information?

Surprised? Don’t be; its true photos not only capture our moment, but they also record date, time, place, device detail, etc., and this information is called EXIF data. If you want to keep your privacy intact, you need to learn how to edit this EXIF data.

Hence, today in this post, we will talk about the best photo EXIF editors to help alter or delete all Metadata.

What Is EXIF Data?

Every photograph we click, whether using a Smartphone or camera, stores its distinct EXIF data. This EXIF data is known as metadata in images, and it is used to determine camera make, place, time, location, pixel resolution, ISO ranking, shutter speed, focal length, etc.

A photo’s metadata can contain the following information:

Note: These details vary from device to device and are saved in standard EXIF format. When sharing an image on social media or with anyone, ensure you edit or altogether remove EXIF data. Doing so manually isn’t easy and accurate; hence, we will be using the best photo EXIF editor.

Which Is The Best Photo EXIF Editor For Mac?

Short on Time?

Our recommendation is Photos EXIF Editor offered by Systweak. Using this EXIF editor for Mac, you can edit or remove image metadata easily. Moreover, using this best photo EXIF editor tool, you can batch EXIF editing in no time.


How does It work?

  1. Download, install and launch Photos EXIF Editor
  2. Drag and drop a batch of photos
  3. Select images and edit metadata
  4. Start the process and save the output
  5. If you want, you can restore Metadata to original in the current session

Besides, you can create Presets to speed up your work. View metadata information, customize date-time, GPS and can clean metadata information too.

Top 8 Best Photo EXIF Editor Tools 2021

1. Photos EXIF Editor – Best Batch EXIF Photo Editor

Photos EXIF Editor

Photos EXIF Editor is the best photo editing tool to edit EXIF data on Mac. It is easy to use and helps edit EXIF metadata of selected images. Having this tool on Mac makes editing EXIF/IPTC/XMP fields easy. Once the changes are made, click the Start Process button and apply changes to edited photos. To sum up, this is the best tool to edit photos metadata on Mac.


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2. AnalogEXIF- Powerful Metadata Photo Editor for Mac


Get It Here

Analog EXIF is phenomenal EXIF editing software. It helps edit scanned films and DSC-captured digital images. Not only this, but it also helps modify EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata tags for TIFF & JPEG files formats. Moreover, it helps customize a set of supported metadata tags, edit and remove metadata, both Windows and Mac.


3. EXIFPurge – Nift EXIF Metadata Editor


Get it here

When looking for a tool to edit EXIF data on Mac, one cannot overlook EXIF Purge. This photo EXIF editor allows batch metadata editing in one click. This means with the click of a button; you can remove a location, camera details, and other technical information.


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4. EXIF Editor – Easiest way to Edit Image Metadata

EXIF Editor

Get It Here

EXIF editor is another excellent EXIF photo editing tool. Using it, you can directly edit metadata of images data and can view EXIF information in real-time. The tool is compatible with Windows & Mac today and works wonders when you want to edit metadata.


5. EXIF Studio – Best Image Editing Software

EXIF Studio

Get it here

If you are looking for the easiest way to edit data like IPTC, XMP, GPS, and other image data, EXIF Studio is the best metadata editor for the job. To use it, all you need to do is select images and add them to the app. Once added, you edit EXIF data, GPS metadata, and other information. Moreover, EXIF Studio can be used to edit a batch of photos. Nonetheless, you can apply metadata values or modifications to a group or batch of images with ease. Apart from editing, you can also erase the metadata information of your photos.


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6. Image EXIF Editor – View and Edit Metadata Easily

Image EXIF Editor

Quickly edit photo metadata using Image EXIF Editor.  This best editing app for Mac helps edit metadata easily. It offers easy viewing and editing of metadata. With this tool, you can easily look for the images to edit and search them by name.

Get it here


7. MetaImage – Best GPS Metadata Editor


Another ultimate tool to read, writes, and edits metadata of images. Using this state of the art tool, you can edit XMP, Maker tags EXIF, and others. Moreover, it can be used for the largest number of tags. Besides, you can also edit GPS metadata, enter GPS coordinates, and search for an address by clicking on the map.

Get it here


8. Photo Meta Edit

Photo Meta Edit

Photo Meta Edit is a simple yet powerful metadata editor that offers batch editing, embedding thumbnails into JPEG files, and removing thumbnails from JPEG files. It can be used to edit IPTC Photo Metadata and preset IPTC Creator’s contact details.

Get it here


So, these are the best EXIF metadata editors for Mac. Using these top-notch photo metadata editors, you can batch EXIF editing and delete all the personal information you can want to share. If you are looking for our suggestion, we recommend using Photos EXIF Editor as the best image metadata editor that is simple to use and offers batch EXIF editing. To download it, click here. Once you have picked the best one, do let us know in the comments section.

FAQs: Best Photo EXIF Editor for Mac

1. How do I edit photo metadata on Mac?

To edit EXIF data on Mac, you can use Photos EXIF Editor to help edit and remove metadata from the selected images. To use it, download and install the tool. Add images> make the changes > select output format and process.

2. How do I change EXIF data on Mac?

Changing EXIF data on Mac is not difficult. It can be easily done using the best photo EXIF editor tool. For this, we suggested using Photos EXIF Editor compatible with both Mac and Windows and offered by Systweak.

3. How do I remove EXIF data from photos on Mac?

We explained in the blog tool to remove EXIF data from photos on Mac using any of the best batch EXIF editing tools. The best out of the lost is the Photos EXIF Editor.

4. Can you edit EXIF data?

Yes, you can; for this using the image metadata editor tool is recommended as they are safe and accurate.

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