Top 10 Best PDF to Word Converter For Mac in 2022(Free and Paid)

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Let’s easily convert PDF to Word on Mac.

PDF files are commonly used for sharing documents online and creating a professional impression. But editing them isn’t easy. Hence, the need to convert PDF to Word occurs. To do this job, you can find hundreds of PDF to Word converter options. But which ones are the best?

Fortunately, we’ve got the answer, and here we will enlist the best PDF to Word converter for Mac, both free and paid, including PDFelement Pro, Adobe Acrobat, and more.

Best PDF to Word Converter For Mac 2022

Part 1. How we picked the top PDF to Word converter for Mac

Finding the best tool to convert PDF to Word on mac wasn’t easy. But we did the job by keeping certain points in mind, and they are:

  1. They should be accurate in converting PDF to word
  2. Should offer advanced functions like OCR (to read text from images)
  3. Can handle PDF workflow
  4. Most importantly, it should be compatible with Mac.

These points helped narrow down the list and outlined the best Mac PDF converter tools, both offline and online.

Part 2: Top 5 PDF to Word Converter for Mac

1. PDFelement Pro for Mac – Complete PDF to Word Converter

PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro is just about everything a PDF converter tool should be. It gives complete control over PDF files. Moreover, like other photo or video editing tools, it is neither expensive nor complex. PDFelement is just the best pdf to word converter for Mac users. Using it, you can convert several file types like PPT, Excel, Text, etc., to PDF format on Mac.

You can also edit the PDF document, add watermark, split it, and do a lot more. This best PDF to word converter also helps directly editing unprotected PDFs and editing OCR documents. But to use the OCR feature, you need to do an extra download. This is a bit of a hassle, but otherwise, everything PDFelement Pro has to offer is amazing.

What we like

What we didn’t like

Huge Toolbar buttons

2. Adobe Acrobat DC – Best PDF file Converter for Mac

Adobe Acrobat DC

PDF (Portable Document Format) was created by Adobe in the 1990s, and Word was created by Microsoft. Both the formats are different yet; AdobeMicrosoft created word Acrobat DC is a powerful tool for converting PDF to Word on any platform.

This mac PDF converter offers a slew of advanced PDF editing features and is very easy to use. The icons are clear, Adobe created PDF (Portable Document Format), and Adobe even provided tutorials to make the tool easy. Using the excellent PDF to Word converter, you can edit PDF, change text, add text, save PDFs to different file formats.

What we like

What we didn’t like

3. ABBY FineReader – Best PDF and OCR Converter for Mac

ABBY FineReader

Convert PDFs and scanned documents with accuracy using ABBYY FineReader Pro. The interface of this Mac PDF to Word converter is minimalist and straightforward. The main menu is divided into three separate panes, one for converting existing files, another for creating new files from the scanner, and the third for comparing documents. Each section offers great features, and this makes editing using FineReader simple. But there’s PDF to word converter lacks, and that is the full-text multi-file indexing features. If you are okay with it, then ABBY is a superb OCR and PDF editing tool.

What we like

What we didn’t like

4. PDFpen Pro – Easy to use PDF Editor for Mac

PDFpen Pro

Markup PDFs with highlights, comments, and drawings using PDFpenPro powerful PDF editor for Mac. This tool gives you all the power to edit and convert PDF documents normally considered read-only. Using this safe to use the tool, you can highlight, draw, and make notes. Moreover, you can scan and OCR your paper documents; this will make the text searchable in an image too. PDFpen also allows redacting a text with a block or by erasing it. To do so, you just need to select the text, choose the right redaction option, and move ahead.

What we like

What we didn’t like

5. Foxit PhantomPDF Mac – Advanced PDF to Word Converter

When we are required to create new documents from existing pages, things get complicated. But with Foxit PhantomPDF, you can manipulate PDF files and pages. This amazing PDF editing and converter tool makes organizing workflow easy. Using it, you can merge PDF documents, split PDFs, drag and drop pages within a document, crop, delete, swap, add and rotate PDF pages. Moreover, you can annotate, share, and collaborate with PDF. With an excellent layout using Foxit PhantomPDF becomes easy. But the tabbed options for edit modes are a deal-breaker.

What we like

What we didn’t like

Part 3. Best Free PDF to Word Converter for Mac

All the PDF to Word Converter tools we discussed above are the best, but they are offline. This means to use them; you need to download them. But, when you are using the public system or a friend’s Mac, then things get weird, true?

Worry not, we have a solution for this too. Use the best free PDF to word converter for mac users online. They can be used on any platform, be it Mac, Windows, or any. To use them, all you need is a browser.

Note: Since all the below-mentioned mac PDF converters are online, you don’t need to download them. To use them, you just need a browser and an active internet connection. These free PDF converters will also not offer as many features as the PDFelement Pro, Adobe Acrobat DC and other paid PDF editing tools have to offer.

1. Adobe Acrobat – Online Free PDF to Word Converter

Adobe Acrobat

Seeing Adobe Acrobat listed as a free PDF converter online, you must be shocked. But it’s true Adobe allows you to convert PDF to Word on mac online. Using this quick and easy-to-use free PDF to Word converter for Mac, you can easily convert PDFs into Doc. Not only this but Adobe, the best PDF to Word converter, also allows converting PDFS to DOCX, the latest word format. To use it, visit here and then drag and drop the PDF you want to convert. Now just watch Acrobat converting the file to Word. Download it, and it’s all done.

Most importantly, you will not lose formatting when you use Adobe Acrobat’s free online PDF converter.

2. SodaPDF – Well-Known PDF Converter


Creating and reading PDF files on Mac or Windows isn’t difficult but editing them is tedious. For this, if you want, you can pay for any PDF conversion tool and use it on your Mac or can use this online best PDF to Word converter. To use this free PDF to Word converter for Mac, simply copy-paste this url in your browser. Next, open the PDF you want to convert, click Convert > select the format to which you want to convert > start the process and that’s it.

Note: To use Sods PDF fully, you will need to Create an Account.

To know more about the tool, you can read here

3. Smallpdf – Fastest PDF to Word Converter


Quickly convert PDF files into editable Word documents with Smallpdf. This online PDF converter is OCR enabled, and it allows saving files to PPT, Excel, and other formats. Moreover, if you want to use its offline tool, it is available, but you need to download it to use it. Which tool you use offline or online completely depends on the requirement. But trust me, both mac PDF converters work as created editors too.

To use this online tool, you Mac, you don’t need to signup. What you need to do is visit here, drag the PDF, and convert it into the format you want. Not only this, but you can also choose from Dropbox and Google Drive.

4. Freepdfconverter – Quickest & secure online PDF Converter


With a suite of easy-to-use tools, Freepdfconverter free pdf to word converter for Mac helps merge, split, compress, and rotate PDFs. Using this online PDF converter to get Word doc, you can encrypt files also. Freepdfconverter works on 256-bit encryption. This means the data you upload will not be shared with third parties. The files you upload for conversion are also deleted after the process is completed without retaining any reference. Since it is an online PDF to Word converter, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

To use it, drag and drop the PDF you want to convert, or can click the Choose PDF file button. Once the file is added, you can convert PDF file to Word on mac and begin extracting the text from images, scanned documents.

5. ZamZar


ZamZar is another best online PDF to Word converter that you can use on Mac or any other system. With an experience of 10+ years, ZamZar has been converting thousands of files daily in 1200+ file formats. Converting a file is always done in under 10 minutes, and if you face any problem, you can simply mail the support team. At a time, you can upload up to 50MB of a file. Using it is simple. Visit here. Add the file > select the format and click the Convert Now button.

That’s it. Using these simple and best paid & free PDF to Word converters, you can easily change Mac’s file format. All these tools are great and offer amazing features. These free online PDF converters for mac are excellent to convert PDF into Word, Excel, or any other format. We hope you will give them a try. Do let us know which one you picked and why in the comments section.

FAQs: Best PDF to Word Converter For Mac

1. What is the best free PDF to Word converter for mac users?

Adobe Acrobat Online tool is the best PDF to Word converter. Using it, you can easily convert PDF without losing formatting.

2. How do I turn a PDF into a Word document on Mac?

To convert a PDF into Word, you can use PDFelement Pro, Adobe Acrobat DC offline tools, or SmallPDF, SodaPDF, and other free online PDF editing and converter tools.

3. How do I convert PDF to Word on Mac for free?

To convert PDF to Word on Mac for free, you can either use a trial version of the premium products or go with online PDF converters.

4. Can you convert PDF to Word for free?

Yes, you can convert PDF to Word for free. Read our post on Best Free and Paid PDF to Word converter for Mac to know more about them.

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