5 Best Mac Optimizer Software to Free up Valuable Disk Space

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With continuous wear and tear, your Mac might lose its speed and take longer to perform even minute tasks. Additionally, its storage space might get clogged up or you might notice frequent battery drainage, sometimes for no apparent reason. And, these are instances when your Mac might not be able to do away without a dedicated Mac optimizer tool.

So, in the blog that follows, we shall be talking about some of the best Mac optimizer tools that can address problems like these. But, before we start enlisting some of the popular optimizers for Mac, let’s have a look at some of the common features that every Mac optimizer should have –

Features to look out for in a Mac Optimizer Software

An efficient Mac optimizer comes loaded with several features. Here are some of the features that you should check when investing in a Mac optimizer –

  1. Junk Scanning

 Scanning and cleaning of unwanted cache files, log files and other trash that can clog up your Mac’s storage

  1. Software Updater and Uninstaller

A Mac optimizer helps update the software to avoid security issues and uninstall the ones which are no longer needed

  1. Startup Management

There are various startup and login items that are counterproductive and that can cause crashes, A Mac optimizer removes such items and organizes items

  1. Kill Unwanted Background Process

 It’s manually difficult to track background processes. The best Mac optimizers analyze your Mac and kill such processes, thereby, preserving a considerable amount of battery.

– internet privacy

– Disk optimizer

A Mac optimizer can identify the files that are clogging up the disk space. Also, it even compresses data

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Best Mac Optimizer Software 2021

1. TuneUpMyMac


TuneUpMyMac is a perfect Mac optimizer and best mac cleaner app, which keeps your Mac healthy by helping it get rid of all the junk files and traces that can put your privacy on stake. Here are some of its notable features –

 This module detects and scans unnecessary cache files, cookies, download history and other temporary files that could be eating away a huge chunk of your disk space. You can then delete these in a few clicks and recover a considerable amount of disk space on your Mac.

In order to optimize your system, it is required to keep it free from duplicate files in the form of music files, video files, documents, etc. A duplicate finder becomes a necessity for optimization tools or else a number of duplicate files carve their spaces inside the system.

Let your Mac get rid of unused languages which occupy valuable disk space inside the system. 

2. WinZip Mac Optimizer

winzip mac optimizer

One of the best Mac optimizers, WinZip Mac Optimizer has all the tools that can optimize your Mac in such a manner that it can deliver peak performance every time.  It has an easy-to-use interface and features –

 WinZip Mac Optimizer scans every portion of hard disk for junk files. Once it tracks these, it deletes them, which results in your Mac responding faster. Also, with the junk out of your way, you get more storage space to store files you desire.

 While some processes are essential for the functionality of your Mac, some just burn your battery usage. WinZip Mac optimizer helps you select such processes and close them so that your Mac battery can last longer.

 Manual organization of settings or login items is tedious and sometimes next to impossible. But, for WinZip Mac optimizer, it is a child’s play. It organizes and maintains your Mac in such a manner that it runs again like new.

3. Mac Optimizer Pro

mac optimizer pro

With over 25 K satisfied consumers, Mac Optimizer Pro delivers what it promises – cleaning, optimizing and speeding up your Mac. Let’s have a look at some of the features that help it deliver its promise –

 Mac optimizer pro comes with a military-grade file shredder which deletes files in such a manner that they become irrecoverable. This does not just help in freeing a considerable amount of disk space but also makes sure that your security is not harmed.

Mac Optimizer Pro’s hybrid tools help you clean unwanted startup items, incompatible apps, and login items which can lead your Mac to hang or freeze abruptly. These tools also clean cache files, unwanted malware, and various other malicious apps.

 Mac Optimizer Pro has one of the best customer support, which promptly helps resolve queries. What could be better than having a 24/7 customer support that can be reached through email, call or chat?

4. CCleaner For Mac

ccleaner for mac

Touted as one of the leading Mac optimizer software and best mac cleaner app, CCleaners caters to all optimization needs of your Mac. Here are some of the core features that you might look out for –

Old clutter may take up space everywhere on your Mac. It could be there in your Mac’s recycle bin, it could present as temporary files and folders. This can seriously hamper your Mac’s performance. Well! Now you can get rid of all these with a mere click.

CCleaner for Mac analyzes and manages all those startup items that might be slowing down the boot time. It also prompts you to remove all unused and junk files which are just proving to be dead weight for your Mac.

CCleaner gives you full freedom to choose all those items that you want to clean. You can include or exclude files, folders, and cookies that you wish to keep or delete as per your needs and desires.

You can now keep your internet browsing confidential thanks to CCleaner’s safer browsing module that erases your browser cookies and search history. With browser cookies and search history gone, websites and advertisers can’t track your online behavior.

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5. AVG TuneUp For Mac

avg tune up for mac

Last but certainly not the least, AVG TuneUp for Mac is undoubtedly one of the best Mac optimizers and best mac cleaner software, hands down! Given the way it optimizes your Mac and helps it get rid of duplicates, junk files, and bad quality photos, you’d just fall in love with this tool. Let’s have a look at its easy to use features –

 Immaterial of where the junk is coming from – temporary files, web browser cache, log files, failed downloads, you name it, AVG TuneUp for Mac easily cleans it, in a way that no scratch comes on your Mac’s performance.

 Not many Mac optimizer can claim the ability to remove duplicates. But, AVG TuneUp is one of that optimizer which easily tracks all the duplicate files – documents, movies, photos and removes them so that you can save precious space on your Mac.

 Even while you are on the snooze, AVG TuneUp for Mac stays alert and awake. It continuously keeps the junk at bay while making sure that nothing important is deleted. Plus, you even get to choose the settings that you desire.

How Can You Manually Optimize Mac?

As an initial step, before you invest in a Mac optimizer, you can ensure the measures like the ones mentioned below to optimize the resources on your Mac –

To conclude:- So, these were some of the best mac optimizers that can help your mac reach its peak performance.  Did your favorite make it to the list or you have something else on your mind, do let us know in the comments section below.

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FAQs: Best Mac Optimizer Software

1. Why do I need a Mac Optimizer Tool?

 Over a period of time, the performance of your Mac deteriorates. Now, there could be several factors that are leading to the downfall of the performance. A Mac optimizer saves you the trouble of manually tweaking each setting or file to get your Mac back on track.

2. Is the Mac Optimizer Tool Safe?

 There are many Mac optimization tools available in the market. While most of them are safe to use and work for the benefit of your Mac, it is always better to go for the best Mac optimizer which is credible and trusted by consumers. That’s exactly why we have compiled the list of some of the best Mac optimizer.

3. Is Mac Optimizer Tool necessary?

Yes, since Mac optimizer intelligently and efficiently scans and removes only those items that are redundant and no longer needed. Mac optimizer also can choose or delete settings and login items which can hamper or improve the performance of your Mac.

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