5 Best Disk Partition Software for Mac in 2022

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Who doesn’t like their office desk organized, where files are stacked up nicely? If you wish the same for your computer, then a disk partition software for Mac is what you need for additional support.

As the name suggests, disk partition on Mac allows you to make personalized space in the system by editing partitions, creating a new one, deleting, shrinking, merging, or removing them. Even if you are running out of space due to multiple downloads, you can rely on disk partition software & arrange the hard disk area. If you want to run another operating system, you can use Disk Utility to create partitions.

In addition to this, you can also find several disk partition software offering advanced features. In this post, we will discuss Disk Utility and other best disk partition software for Mac. The selection of hard disk partition managing software is based on advanced features, ease of use, and super quick organization.

Best Disk Partition Software For Mac 2022

1. Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Claiming as a one-stop solution for hard disk management, Paragon allows you to maintain and manage your Mac. Not only can you resize partition and reuse disk space as per your needs, but it also helps in recovering lost or deleted partitions. In case you wish to clone a disk and securely wipe data, it is there to help you out.

As data protection is a crucial part of managing your Mac, you can call this tool the best disk partition manager with incremental updates and merge the content and optimize backup chains. Selective recovery, disaster recovery, and data migration are the most exciting features you can notice.

Download: Paragon Hard Disk Manager

2. Disk Utility

disk utility for mac

Disk Utility is an in-built tool that comes with all the Mac devices for easy disk partition. Interestingly, it is effortless to use and has a simple interface; even a newbie can easily handle the sorting. However, before using Disk Utility, we recommended that you keep a backup of your data. To create a partition, click the Partition tab; you can format a drive or convert it to a different format.

NOTE: To begin with, Disk Utility is useful, but when it comes to advanced features like freeing up storage space or rearranging volumes between Macintosh HD or Boot Camp, you will surely need a third party disk partition software for Mac. So, let’s find out about them below.

Price: Free (In-built)

3. iPartition For Mac

iPartition For Mac

Whether it is an internal, external, fixed, or removable hard drive, everything can be sorted out on your terms with this hard disk manager. It allows you to create, remove, destroy, or format partitions on your hard disk. Resizing the partition is a child’s play with which several additions could be followed. Thankfully, it supports several file systems like HFS, HFS*, FAT, etc., PC disks, and converted case sensitive HFS+ to normal HFS+.

Yes, partitioning could be risky at times and may make you lose your data, but iPartition for Mac helps recover the disk if you switch off the system during repartitioning.

Download: iPartition For Mac

4. GParted


Gparted, or also called Gnome Partition Editor, is a free tool to manage the partitions. Using this tool, you can resize, copy, and move the partitions without the problem of data getting dissolved. You can quickly grow or shrink your C drive, make enough space in a new operating system, and even attempt to rescue the data from lost partitions.

So get all the actions performed well, manipulate the file systems, and the best part, no need to pay money to get your work done smoothly! Isn’t that super cool?

Download: GParted

5. Partition Magic

Partition Magic

This disk partition software is unique in its way as it offers you choices to create a new partition, backup partition, install a new operating system, resize the partition or even merge scattered ones. You, Mac, is overall optimized when the partitions are way more organized. The users enjoy using this tool for making Mac interactive and reliable in the working environment.

Download: Partition Magic

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FAQs: Top Disk Partition Software for Mac

1. What is the best disk partition software?

The best disk partition software lets you manage disk space like merging, removing, creating new partitions, resizing, and even recovering the deleted partitions.

2. Which is the best disk partition software?

After Mac’s default partition software Disk Utility, you may call Stellar Partition Manager and Paragon Hard Disk Manager as one of the best tools to manage Mac systems.

3. How can I merge partitions for free?

With the help of a free partition manager, one can easily merge partitions. For this, the Gnome Partition Editor is the best choice you have.

4. Does disk partitioning improve performance?

Yes, you can see improved system performance after disk partitioning is done as drives are adequately stacked, files are transferred faster, and consistency is maintained.


With disk partition software for Mac, you can see that managing files and drives inside Mac is elementary and are of utmost necessity. You can use Disk Utility to perform basic operations; however, we recommend using Stellar Mac Partition for advanced features.

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