10+ Best Browsers For Mac in 2022: Fastest & Lightest

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It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows or macOS, the choice of a browser for an operating system is very crucial and should always be a wise decision. After all, you spend quite a significant part of your day surfing the web, isn’t it? Here we are going to talk about some of the best browser for Mac that helps in speeding up the delivery of browsed information.

If you ever had a notion that you probably don’t have as many options as you would have if you were a Windows user, the following options for browsers for macOS will make you think twice.

13 Best Browsers For Mac:

When choosing the best web browser for MacBook Pro, there are several aspects that you should consider. Apart from an easy to use interface, you should find its security aspects, features pertaining to readability, the speed at which it loads pages, especially when you are multitasking and several other inbuilt features.

We shall try and cover several such features and here are some of the best browsers for MacOS –

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What Is Browser Cache In mac? How Can You Get Rid Of It?

Browser cache is a temporary storage area which stores all the recently downloaded web pages. It plays a vital role as you can quickly go back to a particular web page without needing to download it from the web again.

Now, you may wonder, if it is so important, why would anybody need to get rid of it? That’s because there are times when this browsing cache can cause more harm as if it is compromised and misused, your security can be jeopardised. For instance, hackers can access your location from the website you have visited or access any files you have used when accessing an online application. That’s why it is recommended that you clean the browser cache from time to time.

One of the best and the easiest ways to get rid of browser cache is to use a tool such as Cleanup My System that scans all the browsers you have installed on your Mac and cleans any browser cache and internet history that can be misused.

cache cleaner

Install Cleanup My System To Clean Cache of Your Mac

1. Brave

brave browser

Talking of the powerful browsers for Mac and not mentioning Brave browser would be unjustified. It rises like a champion on several aspects like privacy, security and performance. Plus, it doesn’t hold back when it comes to delivering impeccable features.

Features of Brave Browser for mac:

Having mentioned the prominent features, some of the minor features include a distil page which removes any extra elements from a web page and makes it easy to read. With the iOS version, you also get a web page to PDF converter as well. Now you definitely want to call Brave as the top browser for Mac.

Install For Mac

2. The Native: Safari

safari browser

The native browser for Macbook, Safari is one of the finest browsers and is combined with updated features like Dark mode, Siri suggestions, easy switching in between tabs and intelligent security. Safari itself completes a user’s browsing experience with additional Features.

Features of Safari Browser on Mac:

Ever since 2004, it has been a default browser for Apple’s devices for various good reasons. To begin with, it works on the Nitro JavaScript engine, which is almost eight times faster than the Internet Explorer.

It comes with built-in functionality for sending email and accessing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. For readers, Safari is a treat since it comes with a Safari reader that allows distraction-free reading. Apart from all this, Safari comes loaded with extensions that facilitate both security and comforts. For instance, you get Save to Pocket, 1 Password and DuckDuckGo.

And, not to forget it is indeed a fast performer that takes care of the multitasking needs of a modern user which is why it is counted amongst the fastest browsers for Mac.

Install For Mac

3. Chrome


Chrome from Google is a popular browser not just for Windows users, but it is undoubtedly one of the best browsers for Mac as well. And why won’t it be? It comes packed with several features because of which it stays ahead of the competition by quite a margin. To begin with,

Features of Chrome Browser For Mac:

Install For Mac

4. Firefox

firefox browser

Despite being one of the oldest browsers on the block, it is still one of the best internet browsers for Mac because it has quite recently gone through several updates. These updates have focused on increasing its reliability amongst the users and the speed putting it head to head with all the other browsers.

Features of Firefox Browser For Mac:

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5. Maxthon

Maxthon browser

While Maxthon is a lesser-known browser if pitted against other browsers in its class but it is genuinely one of the fastest and lightweight browsers for Mac. Despite being light in size, it doesn’t compromise on performance and delivers exceptional and fast browsing experience.

Features of Maxthon Browser For Mac:

Install For Mac

6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Many might misconstrue, Microsoft Edge as a revamped internet explorer. Which can’t be wholly negated, but when it comes to functionality, Edge has come a very long way. Ask many mac users, and they won’t shy away from saying that Edge is one of the best browser for Mac.

Features of Microsoft Edge Browser For Mac:

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7. Seamonkey


Seamonkey is yet another lightweight best browser for Mac.

Features of Seamonkey Browser For Mac:

Install For Mac

8. Yandex


While carrying the similar look as Microsoft Edge, Yandex is making its way in the list of best and fastest browsers for Macbook nowadays. This browser gives an opportunity to view the browser interface in different shapes and colors.

Features of Yandex Browser For Mac:

Download For Mac

9. Vivaldi


Vivaldi is yet another best web browser on Mac which is famous for its security features like protection from hackers, blocks unwanted ads that may become a security threat tomorrow and gives you control of your browsing experience with its in-built features.

Features of Vivaldi Browser For Mac:

This is a good browser for Mac where you can access favorite chat apps, social media feeds and news sites with one single click. You can even rearrange the icons with the drag and drop option.

Install For Mac

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10. Camino


Camino is differently special for mac and works as an open source browser. Loaded with tabbed browsing features like scrollable tab bar and drag and drop tabs for rearranging.

Features of Camino Browser For Mac:

Download For Mac

11. Opera

Carrying almost the same texture as Google Chrome, this browser is also known as the best alternative to Safari. Yes, it is underrated from a really long time but you can see it using the least of the RAM load possible. It even compresses the content which is not required to be displayed on the website and shows only what is required.

Features of Opera Browser For Mac:

Download For Mac

12. Puffin

It gets in the list of best and fastest browsers in Mac as it offers amazing surfing speed, privacy and security techniques. Moreover, this browser even makes sure that it protects the users from any threat like malware while the user is surfing.

Features of Puffin Browser For Mac:

Download For Mac

13. Avast Secure Browser

Developed from Chromium based technology, this fast browser for Mac claims to have much better security and privacy than Google Chrome. There are numerous in-built features that work out many options at a time. Checkout the Download Manager that downloads all the HD videos from YouTube and media platforms. Just like that, there is a password manager to store your passwords in one location without getting revealed.

Features of Avast Browser For Mac:

Download For Mac

Bottom Line: Which One’s Your Favorite Best Browser for Mac?

Now since you know that in the race of best browser for Mac, there are several contenders to choose from, do let us know which one is your absolute favorite. If you are already using a browser for Mac and just adore it over every other browser, do share your experience with us.

FAQs: Best Browsers For macOS

1. What is the best browser to use with a Mac?

The native browser app of Mac, Safari is one of the best browsers to use with Mac. Apart from this, Chrome, Firefox and Opera are other best options for browser on Mac.

2. Is Chrome faster than Safari on Mac?

Let’s just say, Safari is faster than Chrome on Mac. Although Chrome is fast but it consumes more battery and doesn’t possess as many developer tools as Safari.

3. What is the best browser for Mac 2022?

Safari is undoubtedly the best browser for Mac. If you wish to consider other browsers, Chrome, Opera and Firefox are some of the best browsers.

4. Is Firefox or Chrome better for Mac?

Once considered, Chrome is considered better for Mac in terms of speed, developer tools, etc. and scores a lot better than Firefox.

5. What browser can be used on a Mac?

A lot of browsers can be used on Mac including Chrome, Safari, Yandex, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Vivaldi, Camino, etc.

6. What is the best search browser for Mac?

The best search browser for Mac includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave and Maxthon.

7. What is the best browser for Mac other than Safari?

Other than Safari, try using Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Maxthon and Yandex which are known as the best browsers for Mac.

8. Is Firefox bad for Mac?

No. Firefox is one of the best browsers for Mac as it offers robust features that a browser engine should have.

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