11 Best Uninstaller For Mac to Remove Unwanted Apps In 2022

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Best App Uninstaller For Mac to remove apps on Mac

Find Out Most Popular Mac App Uninstaller To Remove Apps (2022)

Uninstalling apps manually on Mac might feel like a long and hideous task, especially when you want to uninstall many applications at a time. While you need to visit Finder, navigate the application, drag it to the Trash and then emptying the whole of it is one hell of a long method. A best mac app uninstaller can let you do it in less than a minute. No need to find the traces of leftover files later after app cleaner for Mac removes even these minute signs effectively. Yes, that’s so smooth and you can uninstall programs on Mac easily!

While you are learning how to uninstall programs on Mac, it is required that you know about the most popular apps to uninstall apps on Mac. If you wish to catch our recommendation now, it is certainly Advanced Uninstall Manager as the app is straightforward, uninstall apps and delete files no longer needed in the system.

Hence, we have got your best uninstaller apps for Mac, and even ways to remove apps from Mac.

11 Best Mac Uninstaller For Mac in 2022

1. Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstaller Manager

Having an uninstaller for Mac is such a great way to save space and time, probably the most important things. Advanced Uninstall Manager lets you remove all the unwanted apps in a fraction of seconds. All you have to do is drag and drop the application to this mac uninstaller and it’s done. 

Not just this, it also helps in disabling login items which ultimately saves the boot time of the system. You can even check all the applications uninstalled before in the history. 

Features Of Advanced Uninstall Manager


  • Easiest way to uninstall application from your Mac.
  • Prevents important apps from deleting accidentally.


  • One needs to buy a license to get the apps deleted.

Get Advanced Uninstall Manager 

2. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMacX For Mac app uninstaller

Get your Mac clean and optimized properly with CleanMyMac X that also uninstall apps on Mac way easier than all mac uninstaller. Apart from cleaning apps and their redundant data, this tool is capable of removing malware and finally liberates the whole system space. Also, get all the clutter from iTunes, Mail, Photos, removed.

CleanMyMacX For Mac app makes sure that the malware database is updated regularly. Hence, if any application is rigged with any issue of malware, adware or ransomware, it gets deleted itself in order to protect the system. After this tool cleans apps for Mac, enjoy the faster boot time, more responsive applications and lots of space.

So how to uninstall applications on mac? You have got the answer!

Features Of CleanMyMac X:


  • Keeps your system’s functioning smooth and speedy.
  • Regular malware database update gives a safety edge.


  • Internal settings may seem a little complicated

clean my mac download button

3. CCleaner For Mac

ccleaner for Mac the best uninstaller

Get another mac app remover in the name of CCleaner which is able to manage, analyze and clean all the redundant files which occupy a great space. In the ‘Tools’ section of CCleaner, you can notice the list of applications present in the system. From here, select the required ones and click on ‘Uninstall’ and easily uninstall programs on Mac. The clutter is absolutely removed with no temporary files or folders bothering the working process of the system. Uninstall apps on Mac and enjoy a faster computer experience!

Features Of CCleaner


  • It automatically removes extra data to speed up the Mac.
  • Price of the Premium version is also reasonable.


  • Wiping process may take a lot of time.

ccleaner download button

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4. Nektony App Cleaner And Uninstaller

Nektony App Cleaner And Uninstaller

Nektony not only mac app remover but also takes care of its service content side by side. Hence, no backup files remain stranded anymore and space is saved for future purposes.

It can also find out leftovers of all the previously deleted apps, remove the service files and reset applications from the initial state. Moreover, disabling or uninstalling extensions is also very much possible with this best app uninstaller for mac. Get free from all the temporary and service files and improve the performance of Mac easily.

Features Of Nektony App Cleaner


  • Manages browser extensions very well.
  • It helps in removing leftovers from previously installed apps.


  • Free version doesn’t let you delete the apps but only locate.

nektony download button

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5. AppZapper


How about a simple drag and drop session where you can pull the apps in the software and it deletes it automatically? Definitely, good! This is the best app uninstaller for mac as it deletes all the additional files residing in the directories. So better save your space and use it for some future storage. The interface is absolutely navigable and a small window is open on the screen where you can perform drag and drop features easily.

Features Of AppZapper


  • Drag and drop feature for easy app removal.
  • All the purchased apps are recorded in the system itself.


  • Sudden crashes are common.

6. AppDelete by Reggie Ashworth

AppDelete by Reggie Ashworth- app remover

Remove apps from Mac using this powerful best Mac Uninstaller that can also delete Widgets, Preference panes, Plugins and Screensavers and of course, associated files with them. We do not realize their presence but throwing them all saves gigabytes of space. The user interface of AppDelete is pretty easy to understand and you do not need an expert for guidance.

Features Of AppDelete


  • Locate your apps by using smart search filters.
  • Remove deleted items by Force Empty Trash


  • Support team is not as effective.

7. Hazel

Hazel best mac uninstaller app

An invaluable source to clean apps on Mac, Hazel, works quietly on your system to delete applications on Mac which are non-required applications and its attached belongings. You don’t need to revisit the Trash Can in order to delete the leftovers. With that, in-file search criteria allow the extraction of files according to dates, filename, etc.

Features Of Hazel


  • Find and uninstall hidden applications in your system.


  • It does not contain advanced features as available with its competitors.

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8. Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor best app remover for mac

How about getting your system scanned in a robust manner and you are finally able to remove apps from Mac? This is what Disk Doctor is providing you with its effective app uninstaller for mac. Huge space savior cleaned Mac and finally had a smooth work process! Who doesn’t want that?

Features Of Disk Doctor


  • Full retina support and compact utility
  • Remove browser cache easily.


  • Free version is not available

9. AppCleaner


This small application is one of the best Mac uninstaller apps.  This app understands that when an application is being downloaded, the other associated files scatter all over the system and take up the space on Hard Drive. AppCleaner easily finds out all the files along with the apps and deletes them all instantly. The easy going and easy deleting of apps makes things smooth for all.

Features Of AppCleaner


  • In-app help for users available.
  • Mac app remover can remove all types of service files and previously installed apps’ leftovers.


  • 30 day money back policy is not successful amidst users.

10. TrashMe

Known as one of the fastest app uninstallers for mac, one can just drag and drop apps in the tool for complete uninstallation. Now just apps, it can help you get rid of widgets, plugins and preference panes. Also, it helps you delete hidden files, temp files, caches and other settings so that the space could be recovered in no time. Even if your trash is full, it will notify you with a notification.

Features Of TrashMe


It frees up a significant amount of space in your system for further storage.

Easy and simple to use interface with drag and drop capability.


The dashboard may look very basic when compared with others.


11. Osx Uninstaller

Welcome yourself to the straightforward interface of this mac uninstaller. Once you allow the tool to scan the whole system, all the elements related to every application are broadened. Not only can you download the downloaded app but also the default app and any third party applications.

Features of Osx Uninstaller


It can be called the fastest mac app remover.

Straightforward interface.


The trial version of the app is not available.

FAQs: Best Mac Uninstaller

1. What is the best app uninstaller for mac?

TuneUpMyMac and Advanced Uninstall Manager are some of the best mac uninstallers as they delete the apps along with their associated files in a few clicks. Moreover, these apps can also help in optimizing the system and saving precious space for other files.

2. How do I completely remove an app from my Mac?

Although you can drag your apps to the trash but other files remain stuck in the system and cause wastage of space. In order to completely remove an app from Mac, you can get one of the best uninstallers for Mac or mac app remover to get the app removed completely in one go.

3. What is the best mac program uninstaller?

The best program uninstaller according to us is TuneUpMyMac because it is a complete pack of all other features that are required to keep Mac safe and strong.


These 11 best app uninstaller for mac not only delete apps from Mac but also improve the overall performance of the whole system. If you ask our recommendation, we would say it’s TuneUpMyMac. Tt is all because of the overall caring of your system apart from uninstalling apps. You can also go for the Nektony app cleaner next to sort various other requirements.

With that, we hope you would enjoy an easy life after keeping an effective app cleaner for Mac.

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