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How To Free Up Storage On Mac

One of the most essential features of a computer is its storage capacity. When we buy a Mac, we rely on its huge storage capacity, but often find it to be insufficient. This is a frequently asked question for how we end using all the space. Well, if you do not know that answer, it’s not a big issue and we have an answer on how to free up space on Mac.

Why Do We Need To Free Up Storage?

With time and usage, Mac’s storage gets full and eventually slows your Mac as your computer is busy with the fragmentation process. This, in turn, slows the ability to take action as files are fragmented all over your storage. Some of the virtual memory is also occupied. All these reasons add up making your Mac slow and nobody needs it. You might notice the slow speed of your Mac when your Mac starts up or to open a file.

How Do We Free Up Storage On Mac?

The optimized system always runs smoothly. Mac comes with an inbuilt Optimized Storage to check for what is taking up too much space. This will bring up all the large and obsolete files in a list.

You can then manually look for the files which are not needed and can be deleted. This process will need a lot of time and precision; therefore, it is often suggested to use a third-party tool. One such tool to free up space on Mac is Smart Mac Care. It effortlessly removes junk files from your computer along with providing security to your system.

Smart Mac Care is an optimization tool that protects your computer from malware threats. It can remove trash files, cache files and junk files from all over the system. The simple method is described below so you can use the tool efficiently.

To start with the procedure on how to free up disk space on Mac, let’s begin with downloading the tool.

Step 1: Get Smart Mac Care from here.

mac download

Step 2: After the successful installation, you will be able to run it on your system.

Step 3: The Scan will show you the current state of your Mac. On the Home tab, you will see Security scan for Malware and web protection as one section. Another section of optimization and tuneup will include Junk Scan and Privacy Scan. You can click on FIX ALL ITEMS which will provide a solution that takes care of your system entirely.

Smart Mac Care  Step 4: To look up at each section individually, you need to move on to next tab of Search. It shows an elaborated status of each section. Junk Files section shows you how much space are you taking up in the file size. Number of junk items found are also shown in these results. It will help you understand what is taking up the space on your Mac.

Smart Mac Care process

How to clear space on Mac by deleting the duplicates?

Over time, we tend to have an abundance of duplicate files on Mac. It is required that we make arrangements to sort these and keep all important files and delete all duplicates. To do so, let’s start with steps to remove duplicates on Mac.

Step 1: In the side panel, locate Duplicate Finder which will scan the entire system, and show you results. The results will give you a glimpse of how much unnecessary space is used.

Smart Mac Care file finder

Step 2: In this disk usage section, you can easily find different types of albums. It will show you the results for the bulk files which are taking up much space. You are given an option to remove them to clear space on Mac.

Smart Mac Care disk usage

Step 3: Another section shows you failed downloads which are partial files. These cannot be viewed or are of any use but take up storage space. Therefore needs to be deleted as well, go to the dedicated section for failed downloads.

Smart Mac Care failed downloads

Step 4: The cache files are the ones which go often neglected when freeing up storage is done manually. Now Smart Mac Care will take care of the cache files and delete them with one click.

Smart Mac Care flash cache

Step 6: Flash Cache: This section covers the redundant files on the system. It covers iTunes cache files, iOS update files, and other sections which are more prominent to have cache on it.

Smart Mac Care system

Step 7: Use Memory Optimizer to free up space on RAM and improve overall speed and performance.

Smart Mac Care memory optimizer

This is how to free up space on Mac and use your computer with optimum speed. You can find the solution with Smart Mac Care, and it does provide you with extra features such as privacy and security. This keeps the health of your system in check and has to be a one-time solution for all your problems.