iMobie MacClean

  • Eliminates junk and unused files.
  • Secures your Internet activities
  • Deletes Malicious Cookies
  • Removes trails of recently used items
  • Secures your Mac from malicious threats
iMobieMacClean Review

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iMobieMacClean Review

Why Do I Need iMobie MacClean?

MacClean is an advanced mac cleaner which helps you declutter your Mac by removing unused and other junk files. With Internet Clean up feature, it keeps your privacy intact by cleaning the browser cache, session files, cookies, history, saved passwords and other website data.

This mac cleaner can also remove all the malicious cookies, which eliminates the chances of rogue apps taking advantages to seed backdoors into your system. To secure your privacy, the tool erases the traces of recently opened apps, files, documents, folders and web servers. Along with this, you can also allow the app to permanently delete FaceTime history and iMessages.

MacClean comes with an advanced engine which provides protection against malicious threats including Malware, Spyware, Worms, Trojan, Scareware, Adware and all types of viruses.

The tool is an ultimate cleaner for mac as it can help you locate and erase old & large files, unwanted duplicates, useless iTunes backups along with unused language files. It also allows you to uninstall application along with their leftover files.