How To Uninstall Apps On Mac?

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Keeping your Mac clean and tidy is the best practice. It not only improves the performance of Mac’s speed but also allows you to keep an eye on minute details within. So, to keep your Mac tidy, you need to uninstall those applications that are not required anymore and clogging the space unnecessarily.

Through this descriptive blog, we will explain to you how to uninstall programs on Mac. Many people think that dragging an app to Trash solves their problem. But this is not always the case. Though moving the program into Trash deletes most of the files, but residues and support files remain there. And these files bog down the performance by making the Mac look cluttered.

So, how to delete apps on Mac now? Keep scrolling.

How To Uninstall Programs On Mac Manually?

 Follow the steps mentioned below to delete applications on Mac manually.

Step 1: Close the app you want to delete as it should not be running behind while you are trying to delete it. To make sure, press Command-Option-Esc. If the app is still running, force quit it before moving ahead.

Step 2: Find out the app you want to delete.

Step 3: Drag the application and drop it to the trash bin.

Step 4: Once done, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 5: Locate Go and click it. It will help you in opening the Library folder.

Uninstall Programs On Mac

Step 6: Here, navigate and click on ‘Go To Folder’.

Step 7: When the next menu box opens up, you will get a space to type. Type here ~/Library/ and click on Go.

mac library

Step 8: As the Library folder opens, find out the folder mentioned below and delete the residuals of the unwanted programs from Mac.

mac library other folder

This is how to delete applications on Mac. Let’s figure out the detail of each folder.

With these steps mentioned above, you get to know how to uninstall programs on mac.

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How To Uninstall Programs On Mac Using Third-Party Tool (Smart Mac Care)?

Deleting so many applications in one go is literally a hideous task. Manual deletion and removing their residual files individually is not so easy. This is where Smart Mac Care can solve your query.

Smart Mac Care

This tool helps in removing cluttered files by locating them individually and makes better space for work optimization. It can also remove hidden malware while protecting the device. Now how to uninstall applications on Mac using Smart Mac Care?

Step 1: Download Smart Mac Care on your Mac, it scans the system within a few minutes to find Malware, Junk, and Privacy Protection.


Step 2: Now, when you want to uninstall programs, check the module of Advanced features as shown in the image below.

smart mac care

Step 3: Its first column denotes the ‘Uninstaller’. The scanning will tell you about all the apps which might haven’t neem used for a long time and needs a revision.

Once the list of apps come on the screen, they can be marked and selected for deletion. You can also go for rescanning if required.

And it’s done!

Now you don’t need to go through manual scanning and deletion when Smart Mac Care assists in uninstalling programs. Now you get to know how to delete applications on Mac without going through any hassle.

Other Features Of Smart Mac Care


You do not need to rush anywhere else in uninstalling programs on Mac. Yes, the manual method is used everywhere around the world to delete programs on Mac. but a smart tool is giving you more than required.

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Get Smart Mac Care today, and you will not need to find how to uninstall apps on Mac with ease!


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