How To Fix A Mac That Won’t Shut Down


Shutting down a Mac is the easiest thing but what if you get stuck and are not able to shut down your Mac? Generally, to shut down a Mac all you have to do is click on the Apple menu and select Shut Down and confirm. Seems easy right? But sometimes, there are instances when your Mac refuses to shut down and this can be a real pain. Wondering how to fix this? Well, this article is all about the Mac or MacBook that doesn’t shut down.

Before we tell you the ways how to shut down your Mac, you should consider the below-mentioned things:

After taking into consideration the above points, wait for a while and let all the processes running in the background finish, and then try shutting down your Mac. If you are still unable to shut down your Mac, try the below steps:

Still, Mac is not shutting down? Do not worry and try pressing and holding the Power button until the Mac screen goes black and the power light goes off. You may hear a buzzing or a click sound. Wait for around 30 seconds and then turn on using the Power button again. Now, you’ll probably be able to shut down your Mac.

If your MacBook Pro is not shutting down, and you are still facing issues, try the following hacks to get sorted. Have a look to resolve ‘Mac is not shutting down’ issue:

How To Fix A Mac Won’t Shut Down

1. Turn Off Your Mac Properly

Turn Off Your Mac Properly
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Since it’s an easy task to shut down your Mac by clicking on an Apple logo and click on the Shut Down option and it will shut it down. Here’s how:

Mac Logout option
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2. Turn Off Reopen Windows CheckBox

Turn Off Reopen Windows CheckBox
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Mac has many features that will save your all data and information and current session and they re-open automatically when you log into your Mac. Mac hard drive will automatically save your all information and data. This might lead to time taking process and make your Mac runs slow.

To accelerate your shutdown, turn off this feature and shut down your Mac as normal, however when the dialogue box shows up, confirm the decision named Reopen windows when logging back in isn’t checked. On the off chance that you’ve utilized the feature inside the past, you would conceivably require a couple of restart cycles to find out the total advantages.

3. How To Shut Down Your Mac Using Reset SMC And NVRAM

reset SMC & NVRAM on Mac
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Your Mac’s system has the management controller i.e. SMC. It’s a chip inside your Mac that runs the majority of the physical parts of the system. This incorporates things like consoles, LED pointers, cooling fans, and power button response, etc. SMC is responsible for other low-level functions including:

How to Reset SMC


Reset NVRAM Manually
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Nonvolatile Random-Access Memory (or NVRAM for short) might be a little piece of system memory that is set aside to store specific settings on your Mac. These are common settings that our Macs and its users got the chance to get to rapidly, including sound volume, show display, startup disk selection, time region, and state-of-the-art portion alarm data.

Resetting NVRAM frequently helps while encountering issues related to such settings. In the event that your Mac is confused about which disk to fires up from else you see an issue mark symbol as your Mac starts up, resetting NVRAM may resolve the trouble.

How to Reset NVRAM

4. Try Safe Mode Option

try Safe Mode Option on Mac
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Restarting your Mac in safe mode can likewise help prevent the issue from happening again inside what’s to come. When you start your Mac in safe mode, the startup disk starts scanning for issues and macOS will endeavor to fix any issues that are identified. Safe mode additionally erases textual style, part, and system caches, close by a few different things. Safe mode will check:-

How to reboot your Mac in Safe mode

5. Using Software: Smart Mac Care

Image Source- Smart Mac Care

Since the above steps will definitely work and if that doesn’t work, re-install your Mac is the last option. You have to perform the simple steps to re-install your Mac which will erase all your data from the Mac hard drive. Your Mac hard drive consists of all data, applications, junk files, cache files, etc. To clear all these things, Smart Mac Care is the best software that will help you to remove files from your Mac.

To Download Smart Mac Care at affordable price, click on the button below.

smart mac care download button

Smart Mac Care is the one-stop solution that will help you to remove junk files, unnecessary files that will speed up your Mac. This software will deeply scan your Mac and search unnecessary files and by clicking on the Fix All Items box, it will optimize and tune up your Mac and protect your Mac security (Information and Data) and mac not shutting down.

We have mentioned above all the steps that will help Mac won’t shut down. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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