Make your Mac clean and clear!

How To Clean Your Mac For Smooth Performance – Step By Step Guide

None of us like that spinning beach ball of death, right? Although Apple devices are quite good when it comes to optimizing itself, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any more steps to speed it up.

In case your macOS has become frustratingly stubborn and is not responding to your commands quickly, there are some ways you can try to boost the overall performance. And if you’re clueless about where to start the Mac cleanup process,

Check out the listed tips, ways, and tools that can help you to clean your MacBook efficiently & boost the speed.

How To Clean Mac

The Recommended Way

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of your precious time to locate and clean things up manually, you can try using Smart Mac Care software. It can help you to get rid of unnecessary junk files, temporary records, uninstall unwanted applications, remove unused large files, and a whole lot more.

The mac cleaner offers almost all the essential features required to optimize and enhance the performance of your machine. The software has various solutions to fix the most annoying mac error, “Startup Disk Almost Full”.

So, in general, what actually clogs up your Mac Storage?

Using a powerful cleaning utility like Smart Mac Care, you can remove all these clutter on your mac. The software has strong capabilities to scan your entire system and locate for such useless files and remove them completely in a few clicks.  The mac cleaner and optimizer has a bunch of features to even find and clean up the junk that you might not detect manually.

smc scan

Apart from numerous cleaning tools, Smart Mac Care boasts a blend of advanced tools as well such as Web Protection, Privacy Scanner, Duplicate Finder, Failed Downloads, Login Items, Uninstaller and much more. All these modules collectively help in boosting system performance and recover a significant amount of storage space.


How To Use Smart Mac Care To Clean My Mac?

Begin with installing the mac cleaner on your machine, you can press the Download button to do so:

smart mac care scan

Get all-round protection against malicious content, reclaim tons of storage space, remove privacy traces & optimize your mac machine in just a single scan.

How To Clean Mac: The Manual Way

Discussed are nine best & effective ways to clean your MacBook & speed up it’s functioning. So, without further ado, let’s start cleaning:

1. Clear Caches & other Temporary Files

To get started, let’s locate those browser/app Cache files & associated residues that you don’t usually remember to clear often. These files generally take a lot of space on your mac and slow your system down ultimately.

There are two ways to get rid of these Cache Files:

Manual Way:

Quick Way:

You can clean up these temporary files easier and much safer by using Smart Mac Care. With its Privacy Scan feature, it can list out all the unwanted temporary files, browser/app caches, trash and log files in one place. Get rid of them in just one click!

2. Uninstall Rarely Used Programs & Apps

Locate apps and programs that you don’t use anymore. They acquire most of the space on your computer. To uninstall those useless apps on your Mac, follow the steps below:

You’ll be surprised to know but even after moving the useless apps to trash, it doesn’t get uninstalled entirely. The app leftovers remain on your mac and eat lots of storage space. So, it’s necessary to uninstall the applications in the right way using a dedicated Uninstaller or cleaning utility like Smart Mac Care.

3. Take Control of Startup & Login Items

Every time your macOS boots up, the machine automatically launches various Startup Items. These items become as prominent as possible & get into your login items. These apps consume a lot of your memory and eventually slows down your system.

To remove Startup & Login items manually:

4. Eliminate Old Mail Attachments

You probably get a lot of emails with different attachments such as photos, videos, PDF files, words and more.  Those attachments are a part of your email messages, but when you open them, the Mail saves a copy of them in a hidden Mail Downloads folder.

5. Delete Trash Items

You do empty your Trash folder now and again, right?  If not, then Open the Trash Can, located in your dock > right-click on the Trash bin to choose the Empty Trash option. Reduce the clutter caused by large files, downloads and a lot more.

6. Erase Large & Old Files

If you are a huge fan of downloading large media files such as famous TV series, movies and such. Then you need to read this very carefully. As soon as you find reasons to not keep them inside your mac. Start deleting them! To be practical, it’s not possible for you to scan the entire system manually, locating those large files and then remove them.

Take the assistance of cleaning and optimization utilities to search for the largest files on your macOS.

7. Delete Unneeded iOS Backups

Having backups is an amazing way to fight with data loss scenarios. However, over time these backups start overloading your macOS & eat lots of system resources, which leads to a slow responding mac. That’s why it’s necessary to locate and delete backups that you’ll no longer require.

Undoubtedly with each backup deletion, you can reclaim gigabytes of space on your hard drive.

 8. Wipeout Language Files

You’ll be surprised to know that unused language localization eats up to 1GB of storage space on operating systems. Since almost all the macOS applications come with different languages support, it’s no wonder that all the languages would be of your use. So, wouldn’t it be better to remove those languages which are of no use to you & simply wasting your precious storage space?

To remove such languages and clean up your mac to boost performance, follow the method below:

Every folder contains language files for one particular language. Repeat the process for each folder and wipe out languages you don’t need.

9. Deduplicate your Library

What’s worse than having duplicate files that take unnecessary space on your system. Those useless copies of documents, photos, videos eat precious resourcess& make it super-slow. So, if you’re wondering how to find and remove all the duplicates in one-go. Then note, the manual process would take a lot of your time and patience or you can use a Duplicate Finder that would ease your task in one single click.

The choice is yours & if you’re thinking about the latter option:


Clean Up Your Mac For Faster Performance!

Using these tips, you can clean up your mac and maintain high standards of performance. If you don’t wish to get into the manual hassles of cleaning your mac. Use a dedicated Cleaning & Optimization utility Smart Mac Care that does all the job for you in a few clicks. The software has strong capabilities to clean caches, temporary files, histories, uninstall apps in bulk, make mac duplicates free, manage and optimize memory and much more.