Duplicate Finder and Remover For Mac: In-Depth Review

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Are you struggling with storage space on your Mac? Luckily, there’s a way to save yourself from spending on a new hard drive. Surprised?

Well, don’t be! By cleaning duplicate files that take unnecessary space on your Mac you can easily recover gigabytes of storage space. To explain how duplicate files can easily be detected and deleted here’s a detailed review of Duplicate Files Fixer – the best duplicate file finder for Mac.

What is a Duplicate Files Fixer?

As the name infers Duplicate Files Fixer is a tool that helps find and remove repeating files in folders and subfolders. This duplicate file finder for Mac effectively detects duplicate documents stored on the hard drive, external drive, or network. Moreover, it also gives different ways to filter and sort search results. This means in no time, you can get rid of redundant photos, videos, audio, and other files from your Mac.

 What Makes Duplicate Files Fixer the best Deduplication tool for Mac?

Finding duplicates seems to be a simple job, but if you have gigabytes of data stored on your hard drive then? In such cases, using the best duplicate file finder software is the best bet. These tools help locate duplicates saved in remote corners, avoid chances of deleting incorrect duplicates, and more.

Here are some of the noteworthy features of Duplicate Files Fixer:

Speed – Ideally, to keep Mac optimized removing duplicate data is recommended. Using Duplicate Files Fixer, you can easily find duplicate files on Mac and can avoid the constant waiting of detecting duplicate data. This top duplicate file finder and remover for Mac in just a few clicks detect all types of duplicate data stored on Mac.

Pricing – Even without spending a huge amount on duplicate cleaners, you can remove repeated files. Available for a price of $8.99 this duplicate finder and remover for Mac does a great job and helps recover a good amount of storage space.

Ease of Use – If a tool designed to help users clean and optimize a system is difficult to use, it is of no use. Hence, this best duplicate file finder for Mac is created with the utmost care and it lets you detect and clean duplicates in just a few clicks

Accuracy – The last thing you would want is to remove incorrect duplicates. That’s why the need of using the best duplicate cleaner on Mac that helps find accurate duplicates arise. Using Duplicate Files Fixer, you can easily detect accurate duplicates.

Isn’t this thought-provoking?

Certainly, it is, therefore, here is an in-depth review of Duplicate Finder and Remover

Duplicate Files Fixer – In-Depth Review

Wondering what more this Deduplication software can offer? To answer the question without wasting time, here’s what this Duplicate Finder and Remover is and how to use it on your Mac.


Duplicate Finder and Remover

System Requirements – macOS X 10.10 and higher

Detects Exact Duplicates – Yes

Automark Detected Duplicates – Yes

Exclude folder from scanning – Yes

Trial Version – Yes

Optimized of Catalina – Yes

Performance – To detect 15GB of data it takes 20 sec

Preview of detected duplicated – Yes

Auto-select duplicates – Yes

Auto mark rules – Yes


Duplicate Finder and Remover is a feature-rich best duplicate file finder for Mac, and it comes with an intuitive interface, intelligent features that helps quickly detect duplicates from documents to photos to videos.

Perfect for both beginner and advanced users, this duplicate finder app lets you preview scan results, thus making it easy for the user to decide whether to keep the file or delete it.

The software excels in finding duplicate files of all types even stored in remote locations. Moreover, by heading to its Preferences, you can decide what action to perform and can add folders to exclusion.


  • Simple user interface
  • Finds exact duplicates
  • Intelligent scan engine and faster cleanup
  • Regularly updated


  • Only runs in English

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How to use Duplicate File Finder the best duplicate cleaner to find duplicate content on Mac

Developed by Tweaking, a company that specializes in Mac optimization tools, Duplicate File Remover helps detect and delete duplicate files in a few minutes. The tool allows scanning both external and internal hard drives & finding exact duplicates.

Besides, this tool also shows a preview of scanned duplicates making it easy for the user to review scan results.

Here’s how to use this amazing best duplicate file finder on Mac and remove duplicate files

1. Download the application from AppStore or click here to get the best duplicate file finder.

2. Thereafter install and launch the app

3. Now either drag and drop folders to scan or click Add Folder

4. Once done, click Scan Now and wait for the operation to finish

5. After the scanning is done, you will get a window listing detected duplicates. Click All to view all detected duplicates. However, if you want to view some specific files, click the respective tabs.

6. You can now manually select duplicates to delete or can use the Automark feature present at the bottom left to select and delete duplicates.

You’ll be asked to confirm the action, click Continue to proceed.

7. Next, click Move to Trash; you will now get a confirmation box. If you are sure to delete the files, click Trash; else click Review to ensure you are deleting correct duplicates.

8. Thereafter, you will get a detailed report about the action performed like Files & Folder Items Trashed & Space to Recover. Click Ok

That’s it, all the selected duplicates are now removed from your Mac machine.

Using these simple steps in no time and with just a few clicks you can get rid of duplicate files and recover valuable disk space. Also, unlike duplicate file finder and remover, this Duplicate Files Fixer of Mac is easy to use and can detect all types of duplicate data. This professionally designed tool digs out repeated copies of data and helps Declutter Mac. In nutshell, it is one of those apps that without slowing down system performance and speed will help remove duplicate and redundant data. You can download the app from AppStore, or can visit the website.

We hope you will give this tool a try. If you do, let us know in the comments how this best duplicate file finder works for you. Also, drop us your feedback, it helps us write better.

FAQs: Duplicate File Finders Mac

1. What is the best duplicate file finder for Mac?

Duplicate File Finder and Remover is the best duplicate files finder for Mac because it is user-friendly and it accurately detects duplicate files.

2. How do I find and delete duplicate files on my Mac?

On Mac using the Smart Folder, you can find and delete duplicate files. To learn how to use it, follow these steps:

  1. Open Finder app
  2. Head to File > New Smart Folder
  3. Click the ‘+’ button and search for the document, audio, video, music, and other file types.
  4. Sort search results as you want either by name, size, etc. This will help spot and drop duplicates.

Tip: When using the manual method, double-check the date of the file

3. How do I find duplicate files on my Mac?

Duplicate files on Mac can be detected via Smart Folder or using a third-party tool called Duplicate Files Fixer.

4. How do I find duplicate files on my Mac for free?

Using the trial version of Duplicate File Finder and Remover, you can detect duplicates. However, it is a limited functionality trial version.

5. What kinds of problems are caused by duplicate files?

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