Cleanup My System

    • Improves speed and performance of Mac
    • Removes sensitive web information securely
    • Removes unwanted apps
    • Manage startup items
    • Acts as identity protector
Cleanup My System

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Why do I need Cleanup My System?

Just like we need to optimize and clean our work desk, your Mac needs a proper cleaning and optimization too. This optimization is required because without it, the system only slows down, gets cluttered with junk, large and old files while hogging up all the precious space.

Cleanup My System is a smart tool to speed up your Mac while improving its performance. It is capable of removing junk files, unwanted mail attachments, old and large files and much more. It offers a one-click care feature that is good enough to figure out reasons of slowdown and tune up the system accordingly.

One of the best ways to secure web data, it keeps the users’ web privacy intact. Get your startup items and installed applications managed in a smarter fashion as well as according to your preferences.

Cleanup My System also consists of Identity Protector so that you don’t leave any of the digital footprints by mistake and become vulnerable. One of the best methods to keep your Mac optimized as well as smoothen the performance to such a level that life of your Mac is extended to a greater extent.