Review Of Cleanup My System: Clean Your Mac Efficiently

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Ease of use: 4.5/5

Smart Scan: Yes

Scan speed: Fast

Malware removal: No

Web privacy: Yes


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Cleanup My System by Systweak Software is a smart Mac cleaner capable of adding years to your Mac’s life. The performance of your Mac is improved tremendously as system speed accelerates, clutter is removed and junk files are dumped away from the system. While the sluggishness is removed at one end, the web privacy and management of unwanted apps are also taken care of.

Every Mac user wants to keep their system in a perfectly running condition so that the system runs smoothly for a longer period. This requires one to keep the system free from any unnecessary clutter and a lot of free space for the system to breathe. Cleanup My System is a powerful app to clean Mac ensuring all the requirements are provided to the user so that their system acts rightly.

From cleaning of cache to logs, junk files to even Trash, it possesses all the necessities in one single toolbox. Let us understand more about this best Mac cleaner by scrolling through.


  • Traces identity grasping and theft in detail to keep you safe from hackers.
  • Optimizes the system for the long run which ultimately gives a second life to Mac.
  • Multiple modules to choose the particular mode of action.
  • Very detailed yet easy to use for a newbie or an intermediate user. No need to ask another technical expert for its use and application. This makes it one of the best Mac storage cleaners undoubtedly.


  • Doesn’t include duplicate file finder and malware remover which are required to keep the system optimized.

Features Of Cleanup My System

1. Smart Cleanup

cleanup my system scan

As the name suggests, this is the first section of the user interface where you are greeted with the option of ‘Start Scan’. Once the scanning is completed, you are notified about the amount of unwanted junk available, items that shall be optimized to remove sluggishness, and several large and old files occupying space in the system.

clean now

Everything is displayed brightly and openly whose details could also be noticed by clicking ‘Review Details’ under every module.

2. Cleanup

Although cleanup is such a broad term, this feature comprises numerous in-built features too.

3. Protection

privacy protection

Privacy Protection: This best junk cleaner for Mac can wipe out the browsing history, autofill data, search history, and all the digital footprints. As web browsers save all the information like websites you visited, downloaded items, and much more. It scans the browsers for privacy to find out traces like saved passwords, autofill data, etc. to protect internet privacy.

Identity: This module can detect all the digital information to delete all the identity exposing threats. Along with this, it can even safeguard all the sensitive data that is stored in web browsers.

4. Speed

startup manager

The Startup Manager of Cleanup My System has another way of improving Mac’s performance. It allows you to manage launch agents through which you can control apps that pop up and start running during boot time. It even lets you manage login items using which the speed of Mac is improved to a substantial scale.

5. Uninstall Apps


All your unwanted apps could be removed from the system completely without bothering you much. It is also because all the application leftovers are also removed. Moreover, if you don’t want to uninstall apps then you have the option to reset them all and get control of them.

6. Old & Large Files

oldand large file

This section is capable of analyzing the system to find old and large files which are not accessed for a long time now. Find the location of your old files here which are usually inaccessible but you are capable of deciding whether these files need to be kept or deleted. This is probably the smartest way to review if such files are occupying space or not.

7. Ease Of Use

This one is surely complimentary for everyone. Apart from being one of the best apps to clean a Mac, it is very easy to use and navigable. Since all the modules are stacked up very neatly, one can easily manage to draw the actions accordingly. All you have to do is install the application from App Store and everything will be navigated by itself.

Price & Plans

The good news is that Cleanup My System offers a limited functionality trial version. However, to clean all the detected errors, you need to unlock the full version by paying $34.99 & optimize your Mac.


Download Cleanup My System


After learning about this best Mac cleaner, we are sure that you have figured out the necessity of a Mac cleaner already. We recommend you to download this software today for free, get your Mac cleaned up properly, optimize it, and for the smooth functioning of the system.

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