Our Top 10 Mac Cleaners

  • Retrieve huge chunks of storage space.
  • Deletes privacy traces for increased security.
  • Improved boot time by removing startup apps.
  • Protects from malware, spyware infections.
Application Name

Smart Mac Care is one of the best mac cleaner tools which helps keep it safe from malware, spyware, adware, privacy traces and unwanted junk files.

  • Scans & deletes malware, spyware, adware etc.
  • Recovers storage space by removing unwanted files.
  • Erases privacy traces for increased security.
  • Removes unwanted apps & startup apps.
  • Finds and deletes duplicates.
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CCleaner is a cleaner app for Mac which deletes junk and unwanted files, unnecessary software, temporary files on your computer.

  • Manage Startup items to speed up boot times.
  • Deletes items from Trash & eliminates temporary files.
  • Removes unwanted programs in a single click.
  • Erases your browsing history & cookies.
  • Allows you to exclude or include custom files or folders.
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Disk Clean Pro is a tool which helps you delete junk and unnecessary files from your Mac to retreive disk space on your computer.

  • Cleans junk files
  • Removes Log files
  • Deletes Partial downloads
  • Finds & eliminates duplicate files
  • Deletes browsing data and keeps any trespassers and hackers
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MacBooster 7 is a cleaner app which can help you remove 20 different types of junk files. Along with this, it can remove malware and virus to protect your Mac as well.

  • Deletes junk files & large files
  • Removes malware and virus to protect your Mac
  • Uninstall Apps completely.
  • Scans and Deletes Duplicate Files
  • Clears malicious tracking data
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iMobie MacClean is one of the best mac cleaners which comes with advanced technology to keep your mac optimised, therefore fast and at peak performance.

  • Eliminates junk and unused files.
  • Secures your Internet activities
  • Deletes Malicious Cookies
  • Removes trails of recently used items
  • Secures your Mac from malicious threats
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AVG TuneUp For Mac is a tool which can clean junk files, duplicate files and blurry images and helps you recover space on your Mac.

  • In-depth Junk cleaning
  • Scans & Removes duplicate files
  • Detects & Deletes blurry and bad quality photos
  • Removes Temporary files & caches
  • Finds & Deletes Long & Old Downloads.
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One of the best applications to clean your Mac is CleanMyMacX, sorts the hard disk space by deleting junk files, along with broken downloads, caches and other unwanted files.

  • Clears junk and unwanted files.
  • Locates large hidden files.
  • Protects from malicious threats.
  • Has Uninstaller and Updater.
  • Regular Disk Cleanups
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Daisy Disk Cleaner is a great tool to manage disk usage space as it quickly finds and deletes unwanted files on your Mac.

  • Finds and deletes large/obsolete useless files.
  • QuickLook feature to get a peek at your files
  • Inbuilt function to delete files.
  • Supports Retina displays.
  • Visual representation of data and file sizes on all connected disks
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Onyx is a mac optimization tool which not only helps you delete caches and rebuild indexes and databases but also can configure hidden parameters of Dock, Safari, Finder.

  • Helps to erase bulky and redundant files
  • Allows to Preview different logs & CrashReporter reports.
  • Deletes app cache & Internet cache.
  • Uninstalls unwanted apps
  • Maintenance & additional tools
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DiskDoctor is a memory cleaner for Mac which helps you get rid of unused files, temporary files, browser caches, application residual files, iOS backups, and more to recover disk space in no time.

  • Removes application caches, logs and residual files.
  • Deletes browser caches, iTunes temp files, unused apps, & more.
  • Erases iOS software updates, partial downloads, iOS backups & screenshots.
  • Detects & deletes large files, and developer files
  • Eliminates broken preferences of app.
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